Amazing breakdown of how and why we should be creating our own, natural dopamine.

Thanks, Matt!

Amazing letter as always!

I’ve been doing new things for my health, and it definitely create a natural high/“great job” type of feeling.

I look forward to being three and half years in like you!

Also, I love the explanation of how we’re basically robbing ourselves out our limitless potential when we choose external validation.

So much of this needs to be taught at a young age!

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Thank you so much Letty! I completely agree about teaching the young these concepts. Hoping to do so in the future. Imagine if the youth stay close to their gifts and operate from their soul... where humanity will go ;)

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That's quite the visual!

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I’m nerding out over this letter Matt! 🤓👌🏽

We are so much more in control of how we feel than we have been led to believe!

This letter also made me realize that for the past 6 years I have been diligently cultivating a mindful way of life, I truly allow myself to be in awe of the world around me. Beginners mind, childlike wonder whatever you want to call it but when I see a tree it’s not just another tree or the 17th tree I’ve seen that day. It’s a magnificent tree, with deep roots standing here for maybe 100’s of years 🥹🤯 I let myself get swept up in this wonderment for damn near all things. I pay such close attention to life and I have absolutely noticed the internal dopamine hits. 👌🏽

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