Jul 6, 2022Liked by Matt Gottesman

Absolutely ecstatic that I found Permissionless! I am looking forward to my growth from this connection.

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Sep 6, 2021Liked by Matt Gottesman

This letter is speaking right to my soul! And I just smile so big at the divine timing of me reading it. Just yesterday I shared in an Instagram post “I am sovereign” amongst other things. 🥰 so this is beautiful confirmation for me. Wealth creation VS LIFE creation! Yes, life is sacred ceremony.

“if we understand humans to be humans, and that they’ll inherently do what is best for them at any given moment, we will not be a "victim” of their decisions, but independent of them.” 👈🏼 this is everything!

This letter was really inspiring & has me really excited to explore ways in which to offer my services on a larger scale. 🤔🙏🏼

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