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I know I’m late buuuuut this letter was absolutely brilliant!! 🔥👌🏽

I love how you break each element down and help show people they are so much more capable & creative than they might think, certainly more so than they have been led to believe in school.

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I so love this topic!

As someone who spent thirty five years basing my work choices off of the old paradigm, and never knowing there was anything wrong with it, I am so glad that you’re calling it out for what it is.

I hope you have lots of young followers who can learn all of this early on in life and go within to find their super power to then create something that will, as you so eloquently put it, rebuild what the old paradigm has stripped away.

Grateful for another great newsletter! 👏👏👏

Thanks for role modeling what it looks like to create from a deeply authentic place.

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